SEO Combat

Our Story

Our team of SEO specialists has grown over 20+ websites within the last several years. With nearly 2 million words of content and over 1,000+ articles, we have studied how each and every piece of content ranks, the best optimization strategies, and a hint of our secret recipe for long-term growth.

What makes SEO Combat different?

Unlike many of the “SEO companies” out there, we discovered that a high percentage of these companies provide poor SEO services in a way that could penalize a website on Google Search. In fact, one of our team members reached out to local businesses and discovered that many of these companies aren’t doing SEO properly.

We’re a team of SEO enthusiasts, bloggers, and strategists – we understand your position because we were once in your shoes. Time is moving forward, SEO is constantly changing, and poor SEO tactics are a thing of the past.

Google is getting smarter.

We’re SEO Combat and we would like to help online businesses make a difference.