Our Story

SEO Combat was started by a team of bloggers (Garrett Yamasaki and Andy Lam) from California with the intention of helping online businesses increase their traffic through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Combat Story

Welcome to SEO Combat and this is their story.

Garrett Yamasaki

Garrett Yama SEO Combat
Founder of SEO Combat

Garrett Yamasaki, the founder of SEO Combat, grew up in Huntington Beach, California. In 2008, Garrett got into SEO marketing and tested out the waters. To date, he’s built numerous websites and experimented with Google Ads. Garrett is now running a website with over 700,000 monthly visitors; managing a team of writers, editors, and developers from all over the world.

Garrett’s Main Website – Pets

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Garrett WLD

Garrett has published and edited over 1,500,000+ words of content within the last several years. As a writer at SEO Combat and for Garrett’s biggest site, he’s an inspiration to us because of the guidance and mentorship he’s provided. With management experience and the qualities of a team leader, his determination and hard work prove that success in online businesses is achievable.

Andy Lam

Andy Lam SEO Combat
Co-Founder of SEO Combat

Andy, the co-founder of SEO Combat, grew up in Garden Grove, California. Growing up, he’s been fascinated with digital marketing and growing social media accounts. In 2018, Andy halted his social media projects and dived into the world of SEO. Since then, he’s studied how each keyword ranks and the power of relevancy on a website. To date, Andy has published and edited over 500,000+ words of content.

Andy’s Main Website – Finance

Andy MSG

Andy’s Secondary Website – Pets

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How SEO Combat Started

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In 2020, what started as a casual conversation led to something special, the birth of SEO Combat. For every website owner or blogger struggling, we’ve been in their shoes. We understand the pain, the amount of discipline, and the rollercoaster ride of emotions during this long journey.

We struggled for years sacrificing thousands of hours to endless nights and mornings. Through all of that, we’ve learned and adapted to the constant changes in SEO. As a team, we experimented together on figuring out the best and most reliable strategies for our clients. We trained our hand-picked writers and editors to ensure our clients will benefit from our services.

What Makes SEO Combat Different?

Our team of SEO specialists has grown over 20+ websites within the last several years. With nearly 2,000,000+ words of content and over 1,000+ articles, we have studied how each and every piece of content ranks, the best optimization strategies, and a hint of our secret recipe for long-term growth.


Unlike many of the “SEO companies” out there, we discovered that a high percentage of these companies provide poor SEO services in a way that could penalize a website on Google Search. In fact, one of our team members reached out to local businesses and discovered that many of these companies aren’t doing SEO properly.

We’re a team of SEO enthusiasts, bloggers, and strategists – we understand your position because we were once in your shoes. Time is moving forward, SEO is constantly changing, and poor SEO tactics are a thing of the past.

Google is getting smarter every day.