How We Can Boost Your Dog Business

ATTENTION DOG BREEDERS! We have hundreds of thousands of visitors per month from the United States in search of a dog. We get numerous emails, questions, and answers. To dog breeders – we’d like to work with you. We partner specifically with breeders for a reason and you’ll see why our strategy is truly effective in a moment.

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Dog Breeder Partnership

Dog Breeder Partnership

The stats above belongs to one of our websites and we can apply the same knowledge for you. Whether you’re looking to connect more families with your puppies or you’re planning to build your brand as a long-term business, our knowledge and years of experience will help you connect with more families than you could imagine.

Here are several strategies we’ll share with you once you partner with SEO Combat. You can choose whichever path is best for your business!

Option #1 Promoting Your Puppies on our Website

We run an enormous dog website with nearly 700,000+ page views per month. Over 95% of our visitors are from the United States. In fact, most of our visitors are families ready to bring home a companion. Our data shows that 1 in 10 of these visitors bring home a companion recommended to them by us. How do we do it?

Live Traffic Every Minute of the Day

Our dog website is built with sweat and tears. Garrett, our founder, discovered an effective way to help puppies connect with new families with his 10 years+ of experience. We ran thousands of test experiments, which resulted in us earning the top spot of many “dog breeder” search terms on Google and other search engines. The hard part is already done for you.

No more having to waste money using Google Ads. No more stress of finding the right target audience for Facebook Ads. Your business will gain the attention of thousands of people around the country once you partner with us.

Our dog website’s brand grew to the point where well-known companies mentioned us.

Now, you’re probably wondering – how does this work and why is this effective? Simple. Many people search for businesses on Google. If someone is searching for “dog breeders,” it’s highly likely that they’re interested in bringing home a companion.

Since we rank at the top of the search engine for most of these terms, families interested in bringing home a companion are more likely to click on us. Several months ago, a Goldendoodle breeder partnered with us and our website brought in over 1,000+ leads in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the breeder we partnered with was out of puppies. This can be beneficial for you in various ways.

We help build your brand image.

We increase your demand.

You have the option to increase the adoption fees. It’s a win-win.

Option #2 We Build Your Brand

Example of one of our websites receiving over 500,000+ impressions within less than a year.

We analyzed hundreds of dog websites. Many dog breeders struggle with search engine optimization. This is where we come in. Whether you use Wix, Shopify, or WordPress for your dog website – our team will clean up any mess to follow Google’s guidelines.

Once you work with us, our team of SEO specialists will do in-depth keyword research to find a term you’re likely to rank for. Ranking on Google search is important because your website will have a steady flow of families in search of puppies to bring home.

There are numerous websites with red flags, which could lead to penalties from the Google Search Engine. When you’re not following Google’s guidelines, a penalty will cause the removal of your website.

What if I don’t have a website?

You don’t have to worry! Our team of experts will create a website using our SEO recipe to ensure you’ll get passive traffic flowing to your brand. As long as we work together and combine our knowledge, you won’t have to worry too much nor stress about simple error codes and broken pages.

Learn more about our dog website and how we can work together!

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